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Salsa Music and New York free essay sample

Strange as It may sound, salsa music Is named after the Spanish word for hot sauce. This is probably because of the zesty taste of the condiment that can be found in the tunes and moves of the music, but the familiarity does not end there. Just like salsa (the condiment) is made from various vegetables, so is the music a mixture of many different kinds of Latin dance forms (such as rumba, mambo, and coach), other Puerco-Rican, Dominican, and Afro-Cuban music strains, Jazz, and rock music.The mall Instruments used In salsa Include percussions, keyboards, brass, and guitars. Most of the time, salsa music Is also accompanied by dance. Salsa was made popular in the sass mostly by clubs in New York. Later on, in the sass, this style of music also became popular in areas such as Miami, Puerco Rich, Venezuela, and Columbia. (The Columbia Encyclopedia 2007). Since then, salsa has evolved vigorously through the years and has emerged as a very significant and dynamic component of popular music scene, especially for the social identity of the Latino. We will write a custom essay sample on Salsa Music and New York or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The music that came to be called salsa developed out of Cuban dance genres, especially the son, garbage, and rumba, that had evolved into a cohesive set of commercial popular styles by the 1 sass. By the sass, these genres, promoted primarily by RCA Victor (which monopolized the record industry in Cuba), enjoyed considerable International appeal, and Latino communities outside of Cuba had come to play an important role In the evolution of Cuban music.Puerco Ricans, who had eagerly adopted Cuban music for decades (especially since the Introduction of audio in 1922), had come to regard such genres as their own, generally at the expense of indigenous genres like plane and Bombay. Meanwhile, since the sass, New York City had become the scene of a lively blending and competition of diverse grass-roots and commercialese Latin American music. Together with Puerco Rican bandleaders Like Toto Pungent and Toto Rodriguez, many Cuban musicians had based themselves In New York City, which they established as a center for the music that would eventually be labeled salsa by the record Industry (Manuel 1991 The growth of salsa as a vehicle of social identity was inseparable from its placement as a commercial entity. Indeed, the more salsa flourished, the more it was subject to the pressures of the corporate music industry.

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Mythology Short Answers Essay Example

Mythology Short Answers Essay How is the word myth used popularly? For example, what does the statement, â€Å"It’s a myth† mean? In contrast, how is the word myth used in the academic context? After considering the definition in your textbooks and course materials, write a definition in your own words. The academic definition of a myth† is discovering a way of making meaning that has been part of every human society. † I believe myths are stories that are told from generation to generation. Depending on our culture, religion, beliefs and so on would determine the moral meaning behind the story. Some myths are legends. For example,† the cross of Jesus† is determined to be a legend and a myth. Depending on how the story is interpreted by the person listening to it. Myth is used to relate and have a reason for things that we do, as a society we need a logical meaning for the purpose for things we need and believe, with this we turn to myths. 2). Why do myths from different cultures around the world address such similar or universal themes? Think about how myths explain the unknown and the tribulations of mankind. Stemming from different countries from across the globe there are different culture values that has meaning to our behavior. We will write a custom essay sample on Mythology Short Answers specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Mythology Short Answers specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Mythology Short Answers specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Generation to generation learn from one another that is how our brains developed intellectually. We will be able to ask certain questions about myths. Then we will be able to answer that same question with our own mythological understanding. When we study different cultures and their myths, we learn their culture, their beliefs, their way of life which subsequently broaden our mindset to a pleatherer of views on the same subject. 3). What is the relationship between belief, knowledge, mythology, and religion? Where do mythology and religion intersect? Where do they diverge? Think about the function of myth and religion in helping human beings cope with change, suffering, loss, and death. â€Å"Religion and mythology differ, but have overlapping aspects. Both refer to the system of concepts that are of high importance to a certain community making statements concerning the supernatural or sacred. † Myths can be a legend, or a fairytale, depending on its credibility. Religion is what people believe in, their faith, like a since of hope. In today’s society some religions have become myths so the start of newer religions may form. The very basic aspects of the world around us that myths explains are the course of day and night or seasons, the mysteries of life and death, and the creation of the world. In the African American culture we believe when a loved one has passed on we should celebrate their life. Celebrating their life means they are no longer in pain or suffering they are going home to the Almighty and we should be happy for them. Dealing with change, suffering, and loss is really about the same we pray to the man above and hope we can get through it. In our culture we rely a lot on hope. 4). How would you defend mythology’s relevance in contemporary culture? Think about familial and cultural traditions. Also, consider how mythology is used in the arts and in advertising to typify human experience. Mythology has to put forth a comprehensive compelling force on the culture, the arts and the literature of African American culture remains part of the African heritage and language. Poets and artists from segregation times to the present have to obtain inspiration from African Mythology and African Folktales have discovered contemporary significance and connected to the matter at hand in these mythological themes. Long before the continuance of being the printing press, personal computers the internet and other modes of modern communication. People have written their world through telling a story to their love ones and through the oral customs. An important part of that process was the creation of mythology collections of stories to explain a culture ancestry. These myths were passed on through generations and generations.

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Mack Charles Parker essays

Mack Charles Parker essays Mack Charles Parker was an African American born in 1936. He grew up in Poplarville, Mississippi, and at age 36 was murdered by a mob because he was accused of raping a white woman. Accusing black men of crimes, even when innocent, was common in the south at this time and many innocent men were punished by death for the deeds of white men. Mack Parker was arrested for raping and kidnapping Mrs. June Walters from Petal, Mississippi. Mrs. Walters claimed that she and her husband were driving through Lumberton, MS when their vehicle broke down. Mr. Walters went to get some help while June stayed in the vehicle. She stated that while her husband was gone, Mack Parker kidnapped her and her four year-old daughter at gunpoint and took them to Black Creek Ford Road where he proceeded to rape her. At the time of the rape, she was pregnant. Mrs. Walters went to the police but did not identify her alleged attacker by name, nor did she give a very detailed description of him - she only mentioned his race and approximate age. After hours of searching, Lumberton police were told by a local Baptist minister that Parker committed the crime. With that, Parker was arrested February 24. He was beaten by the sheriff and his deputies and then taken to jail. On April 13, Mack Charles Parker was made to appear before Pearl River County Grand Jury on one count of rape and two counts of kidnapping. A few days later Parker was brought back to Pearl River County so he could appear before Judge Sebe Dale, where he pled not guilty to all charges. Judge Dale set the trial date for April 27, and Parker was returned to his cell at the Pearl River County Courthouse. Two days before Mr. Parker was scheduled to return to court, he was dragged from his cell forcefully by a group of eight to ten men. A quote in "Black Like Me" by John Howard Griffin states that they went up to his cell -the bastards- and grabbed his feet and dragged him down the stair...

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Writing Contest with Cash Prizes

Writing Contest with Cash Prizes ATTENTION ALL WRITERS! Summer has arrived, and this means our essay writing contest is now open for your submissions! The contest is international, so participants from any country are welcome! Visit the contest page for all the guidelines and submission details. Deadline August 1, 2014. Selected winner and runners-up will be announced on August 4, 2014. Win Cash Prizes $250 for the winner $100 for the first runner up $100 for the second runner up Spread the word about the contest to your friend authors who may be interested. We look forward to reading your submissions. Best of luck and happy writing!

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Measuring Employee Performance - Part II Assignment

Measuring Employee Performance - Part II - Assignment Example anwhile as a public health facility, I opine that some of the goals, particularly on communication could have been made to include the provision of communicative roles to external stakeholders such as customers. As Aguinis (2013) noted, any true performance outcome should have the ability of reflecting the overall organizational culture, which I believe includes customer satisfaction. I like your post for two major reasons. First, you rightly appreciate the need for job description to be made in line with the organization’s overall mission, vision, goals and strategies† (Aguinis, 2013). Then leading up from this, you went ahead to set five metric goals which contain performance outcomes for both internal work output and external wok output. For example internally, you appreciated the need to establish effective HR programs whiles externally, you touched on maintaining good customer service. In my opinion, this approach ensures that the new employee will not only focus on the most immediate performance related attitudes that will be seen at the workplace. Rather, the employee will see a bigger performance responsibility that includes external stakeholders and thus put in more efforts to

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Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 7

Economics - Essay Example This piece of research paper defines potential growth and actual growth and explains the basic differences between them based on the literatures. This paper described how governments can influence both actual and potential growth of a country through demand and supply variables. Definitions of Potential and real growth Economic growth in simple term is an increase in a country’s output. Actual growth has been defined as an economic growth which is measured as a rate at which the real GDP- Gross Domestic Product- is changing. A country may be able to produce more quantity of goods and services and thus its potential will increase due to an increase in the quantity or quality of its resources. This is referred as potential growth (Grant and Vidler, p. 142). Thus, actual growth refers to the increase in the output of a country whereas potential growth is an increase in a country’s ability to produce goods and services with the resources it has. As Katz (p. 30) defined, pot ential growth is the rate that an economy can sustain over the long haul by operating in full capacity. Actual growth is the exact change or growth in the economy as a result of the real GDP growth or change. Actual growth occurs when the resources and factors of production are increased and as a result the actual output has been increased. The total output of a country measured in total income or quantities of the goods and services it produced may change over time even when there are no change in the resources. If it is assumed that the quantity and quality of the available resources are fixed in a country, the production possibility curve can still shift its positions as the maximum potential output of that country may change. When the resources are fixed in a specific time period, they can do possibly change over time. A good example for this can be illustrated from a country’s growing population. When its population grows, it will directly cause increase in the supplies of labors and entrepreneurial skills etc and most probably labor quality also improve over time. Apart from these, the country would probably become able to increase its stock of capital, improve the existing energy, mineral and related resources etc. As a result of the increase in these factors of production in the country, its ability to produce more outputs will also increase and it refers to the potential growth (McConnell and Brue, p. 29). Differences between Actual Growth and Potential Growth The basic difference between actual growth and potential growth is that, as detailed above, actual growth refers to the growth in the economy being measured as a rate at which the real GDP is changing whereas potential growth refers to a country’s ability to produce more being its production possibility is more due to an increase in its factors of production (Samuelson, p. 469). From the view of economists, the potential or full-employment growth rate is an estimate of how much sup ply of goods and services that the country produces would be expanding if all the available or existing factors of production were fully utilized (Baumol and Blinder, p. 136). Actual growth measures the demand for goods and services within the country, and the demand for them may be less than the potential supply. Some factors in this case may be underused (Lincoln, p. 26). When a country is accessible to larger

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God of Small Things Essay Example for Free

God of Small Things Essay In â€Å"God of Small Things†, written by Arundati Roy, Roy talks about many things but one thing that stood out was her negativity of what the colonist had brought over into India. Her argument could be that the colonist brought materialism into their culture making the natives think that they need things that they really do not need. The colonist bring the thought that making money any way possible is acceptable and Roy points out that ritual dances are even being used as a way of profit. Roy is just pointing out what effect colonialism has had on the people of the native country. Like many other text from post-colonial nations â€Å"God of â€Å"Small Things† points out the negative aspect of colonialism. Roy throughout the book talks about the city of Ayemenem and the river that used to flow through it. On one side of this river there was a place called the â€Å"history house†. Roy describes this place as a worn and old abandoned estate in a couple of her chapter but in one chapter she is describing what it looks like now and how different it is from when she was just a child. In chapter five a hotel is described; this is the chapter that I think she criticizes the rich and how they have become rich. Roy is showing her disapproval for the colonist making what was once an abandoned land fill into a tourist attraction that is no longer an eye sore and is now a beautiful estate. In chapter five Rahal returned to the river she used to know as a child. She describes how it used to be compared to how it is now that she has returned. Rahal does not seem to care about progress â€Å"So now they had two harvests a year instead of one. More rice-for the price of a river† (Roy 59). Sure people were making a profit from the rice but there will always be someone that is making a profit from something. The only good thing that Roy sees from the people making barges is that there is one more harvest; there are many rewards from having another harvest and they are not recognized; it is not that she probably does not see them but she is just pointing out the negativity from the colonist. Roy continues on and describes a five-star hotel that had bought what they used to call the â€Å"Heart of Darkness†. She says that the History House no longer could be approached from the river and that the house had turned its back on Ayemenem. Roy described this place as an abandoned haunted estate that nobody ever went to when she was a child but she says that it has turned its back on Ayemenem. Once again progress is looked at in a negative way. The hotel guests were transported to the estate by a speed boat through the backwaters and Roy describes the boats as leaving a film of gasoline. She does say that the hotel does have a beautiful view but says that they try to cover up the slum part of Ayemenem, which is understandable, it is not nature, all the slum was man made and they do not want to look at slummy areas. There was not much that the hotel could do about the smell of the waist. Roy makes many assumptions about the â€Å"hotel people†. First the thoughts are that the people actually care what is going on around them, and they do not care. She calls the estate a â€Å"smelly paradise†; the guest are to get used to the smell as they have become immune to other peoples poverty; with that statement she is claiming that everyone that owns the hotel and stays there is rich and does not know what poverty taste like; everything was a matter of discipline, nothing more to them. Roy then goes on to criticize the way the people are making money; through selling their history. In chapter five Roy not only criticizes and shows the negatives of progress, with hardly any positives, but also criticizes the way the people are making a living and profit. The â€Å"hotel people† advertise their estate as a paradise with history making many sensational claims just to draw the tourist to their paradise. She called many of the buildings that had history for sale â€Å"Toy Histories†. Roy does not like the fact that these people are trying to make a profit off of their own history and culture. The biggest thing of all probably is when the hotel hires dancers to perform dances that are classic ritual dances that have actual meaning and are not just for show; six hour classics are turned in to 20 minuet shows for pleasure. The ancient ritual dances were diluted into nothing more than entertainment where at one time they had meant something to the culture that those people once love so dearly. Here it is easy to see why Roy would criticize so much but one must realize that everyone cannot be pleased and never will be pleased. The colonial effect had some good effects and had bad, but Roy again only seems to point out the negativity that the colonialism has brought to the nation. Roy brings up many problems in her native land; I know that the point of her book is to point out the negativity of post-colonialism on her country but still, point out some more good things that did come out of colonialism. In many texts it is the same way though. In â€Å"God of Small Things† it speaks negatively of people from the native land sending their children to boarding schools in Britain, not directly but you can see that she is making a point that all the negativity is geared at those from the culture who have brought British culture and British economics back to their land. Whereas in Soyinka’s â€Å"Death of the King’s Horseman†, the horseman’s son has gone to Britain to study but comes back. After coming back he sees that his father has gone against customs and he decides to take it upon himself to see that the act is fulfilled in some form or another; in this text you have a native that stayed true to his native land but in Roy’s case the natives that went to Britain did not stay true and keep up their own culture but rather adopted another’s culture. Another example of colonist having an influence on the children of the native land and infiltrating through them is in Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo’s son becomes a Christian and Okonkwo does not like that, it is the beginning of his culture being put to a halt. Roy, I do not think, is pointing out all the people who sent their children to Britain but rather that even though India was â€Å"Independent† it still had Britain’s influence impacting almost everything in daily lives. In conclusion, Roy makes descriptive negative images because it is what she sees and has seen from the start. People that have not grown up in her culture from birth and seen the changes she has seen cannot fathom what she has seen. If someone from a more developed country was to go there they would see progression as a positive aspect because it is what they have grown up with but for people in that culture they can see the negative aspects of some progress; and that is what Roy is pointing out, she does point out some positives but the majority of the description about the way society is looked at is negative. The book becomes a very dreary read and quite depressing at some points because of all the negativity and horrible things that happen. However, all of the description of even the negative parts make you really get a since of what Roy is trying to say and that is that even with all the negativity one can break barriers. At the end of the day it is not the colonist fault for making Roy’s society what is but rather the people that refuse to change what needs to be changed. It does not matter about how much negativity is directed at the colonist, if the native people do not take responsibility they are to blame just as much as the British. The negativity is not geared at the British but rather her own society and own people.